Oct 31

Weather or not? The race is on!

Anyone in the model railway hobby who knows me, knows my one pet hate is clean unweathered stock straight out of the box!

Collectors who buy stock and then never even take it out of the box are a complete mystery to me!

Anyway, each to their own is I guess, the politically correct thing to say at this point.

So consider this… here are two new brewery wagons from the great Wessex Wagons range. Perfect stock for the Iron Brewery on Ingleton Sidings. In the picture, a collectors dream perhaps, but to me they look hideous! Hideously clean, toys not models if you like. Before they get anywhere near the layout they need some (always heavy in my book!) weathering. This week I thought I  would blog the before and after pictures of the wagons and perhaps in the next blog talk a little bit about the weathering process I used.

The real question is that with Ingleton Sidings appearing at Wycrail this weekend, why on earth am I messing around with stock with just 5 days to go. Proper modellers like Chris Nevard whose Catcott Burtle layout is also appearing at Wycrail this weekend, would surely not  approve!


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