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Jan 10

Model railway layout builders… Happy New Year!

Beer Barrels stacked against the warehouse on Ingleton Sidings the model railway layout & shunting puzzle on an ironing board

  I love New Year, a great time when things are quieter to get back to building a model railway layout! Ingleton Sidings is heading to Watford Finescale Exhibition on 16th & 17th February and so it’s time to add some new detail to keep things fresh and interesting for 2013! To further enforce (or …

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Nov 07

Is a model railway layout ever finished?!

Ingleton Sidings at the National Festival of Railway Modelling in Peterborough with British Railway Modelling

Shunting Puzzle, Ingleton Sidings appears at the National Festival of Railway Modelling in Peterborough in October 2012 with British Railway Modelling. Across the weekend of October 20th & 21st, Ingleton Sidings joined plenty of familiar faces at the East of England Showground in Cambridgeshire. Despite the best pre-exhibition checks, most honest modellers experience some minor hiccups …

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Sep 13

Size DOES matter… on an O gauge model railway layout!

Academy Modellers O gauge model railway layout sector plate

Size DOES matter… especially on an O gauge model railway layout! Academy Modellers, my local group of railway modellers in Basingstoke, is building a new O gauge model railway layout. The plans show an O gauge model railway layout almost 40 feet long and capable of taking 4 coach trains plus loco and 10 wagon goods trains also …

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Sep 08

How to promote your model railway layout to exhibition managers.

It’s interesting how exhibition managers struggle to find good quality layouts each year, yet there are plenty of exhibition layouts looking for bookings! Perhaps the new world of content marketing can help? With the advent of YouTube and new software such as Animoto and iMovie it is now possible to promote your layout to a …

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Apr 15

Lights, Camera, Action!

Front page of the action rail UK website as featured on Ingleton Sidings the shunting puzzle model railway layout

An inspirational weekend for Ingleton Sidings! Although staged in the miserable Christie Miller Sports Centre in Melksham, (the only local hall big enough for such a show) Trainwest is a friendly exhibition with great hosts in the Bentley Model Railway Group. This year, Exhibition Manager Geoff Endacott brought together a superb selection of layouts which …

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Jan 21

Model railway layout adds new scenic detail for Astolat MRS show.

New brewery piping on Ingleton Sidings, the model railway layout and shunting puzzle on an ironing board

Revealed at the Astolat Model Railway Show 2012, the new scenic detail added to Ingleton Sidings seems to be well received! One of the potential issues with sidings layouts is that there is always a halt at one end, leaving the issue of just  how to mask the end of the baseboard. John & I …

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Jan 16

Model railway shunting layout appears at Astolat Model Railway Show.

Burnt out brake van & wagon on Ingleton Sidings shunting puzzle model railway exhibition layout

Ingleton Sidings makes tracks to The Astolat Model Railway Exhibition 10am – 5pm on Saturday 21st January 2012. The venue is the meeting rooms at the Methodist Church on Woodbridge Road in Guildford, GU1 4RG. The usual high standard of layouts will be evident, noteworthy on the day will be a last chance to see …

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Nov 21

Are you a born modeller… or can you learn?

Stratton St George team at the Warley Show

In 2003, I joined a small group of returners to the model railway hobby with the express purpose of learning how to build an exhibition layout in just 12 months. One year later, Stratton St George appeared at The Basingstoke & North Hants MRS show and in the pub after the event, some of us dared …

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Nov 13

Ingleton Sidings features on modllr.com

Ingleton Sidings featuring on the modllr blog page

As a child, modelling was always a fulfilling, but ultimately solitary experience! Sadly, my wife still thinks it’s the most anti-social pastime you can indulge in! However, the new age of the internet and in particular the social web means that even the most private of individuals can build communities and share best practice online! …

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Nov 08

A Light Railway?

Ingleton Sidings at Wycrail 2011

Railway modellers spend months if not years perfecting layouts for exhibitions, so why do they appear to give little thought to lighting? Any experienced exhibitor will know that you cannot rely on the venue lighting to make your layout look good, after all just consider the appalling lighting at The Warley Show at the NEC …

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